It is such an amazing feeling when you truly start loving yourself. When you notice the dynamics of all your relationships are changing, especially with yourself. Some relationships become closer, others end, and new ones are added.

Once I understood that loving myself wasn’t selfish, as I had been told my entire life, a whole new world opened for me.

  1. I realized I had choices and I was in charge of my own life.

I knew I had a choice, but I made poor choices out of fear of not being loved or rejected. I stopped trying to please everyone and began to realize my wants and needs were important too.

  1. I stopped seeking approval from others.

When you have your own approval and acceptance, you will care less about what other people’s opinions of you are. You’ll start living a life that’s aligned with your own values.

  1. I learned to set boundaries in all my relationships, including family.

I became more purposeful about who and what I was allowing in my life. When I set boundaries from a place of love for myself, I felt empowered. I stopped subjecting myself to people and circumstances that did not align with that. 

  1. I started to like who I was and enjoyed being with myself.

I stopped filling my days with stuff just so I wouldn’t have to be alone. I stopped jumping into the arms of unsuitable men just to have attention and company. I found the more loving I am to myself, the more I loved my own company. As I deepened my self-love, I found I was connecting with others on a deeper level as well.

  1. I stopped seeking happiness in relationships.

I began to understand that no one could make me happy but myself. I began to feel more secure as a person. The more I tapped into self-love, the more I began to trust myself. What an amazing feeling that was!

Start today. Besides implementing the above examples, what is one thing that you can do today to start showing yourself love? Here are some affordable ideas to practice self-love.

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