NEW BEGINNINGS had been forming, waiting to emerge.
Buried and hidden by lies, deceit, and mournful dirge.

NEW BEGININNINGS came to me one dark and lonely night.
And my restless soul’s destruction changed its eternal flight.

I would no longer feel lost, tortured, or bound.
My mind is solid and my journey profound.

I discovered I no longer resented or even hated the past.
It was my school, and my destiny had been precast.

Shame and suffering laid as bright ivory stepping stones.
All disillusions disappearing, and all their power dethroned.

I took my power back from those whom I allowed to cause pain.
I laid my past to rest today, now on to bigger and better things.

I awake each fabulous morning with hope and joy in my heart.
This is my NEW BEGINNING. Thank you, God, and now a fresh start.

Lenora Scurry
December 12, 2017