The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you have come.


Look back?  No! I have to stay in the present moment. I have to realize the only thing I have now is this present moment. What I do with this moment will determine what flows into my life.

I spent so many years blaming, struggling, searching, and trying to understand so much that didn’t make sense. I lost myself in others’ words and opinions.  I took what they said for face value and lost who I was and what I needed to be doing. I lost all hope and faith in myself. I had become nothing!

God brought me to a place where I had lost everything (or so I thought) except for my life. I lost my home, my car, all of my belongings, and even the relationship I had with my daughter.

I was living in a shelter, suicidal, and at a total loss as to why I was here and what I was going to do. God spoke to me one evening and said, “I had to allow you to be here so that you could understand that you were placing value on things that didn’t truly matter.”

The next morning I got up, determined to flow like water, and come to a place where I understood that my value and worth was ME! I began a process of reading, meditating, and learning to live life as it was, instead of trying to change it.

I began taking baby steps to move out of my comfort zone and become conscious of everything and everyone around me. I operated out of pure love. Not to take but to give, not to judge but to accept, not to hate but to love, not to hold a grudge, but forgive. Once I began this new journey, my life started to change dramatically.

I am still learning and growing, but this new awakening has brought me to a place that I thought never existed.  I can’t wait to see the difference in my mind, body, soul, and my life!

Lenora Scurry is a life coach and motivational speaker dedicated to teaching women how to practice unconditional self-love.  If you struggle with self-love, visit our website to download our free gift “5 Steps to Loving Yourself Right Now.”