When your morals and standards are high and you refuse to compromise, you may find yourself spending a lot of time alone. 

Listen, we’ve all been hurt. We’ve all experienced heartbreak, loss, and most of us have experienced tragedy.

Truth be told, we don’t get to this stage of life and NOT experience one or more of these things. Understandably, most of us are now afraid to trust. Afraid to give our heart away and risk having it handed back to us in pieces as it’s happened countless times in the past. But seriously…. no one ever became rich without taking some risks.

I would bet you any money that not you or anyone else who has read this hasn’t had their heart broken, shattered, and ripped at the seams. The reason I am positive all of you have had your heart broken in one way or another is because as we begin to know a person, trust blossoms and grows. It’s in our DNA. Trust becomes entwined around our hearts and makes us feel safe. Therefore, when that trust breaks, so does our hearts. 

So, how do we enrich our heart and our life if we refuse to risk allowing someone in?

We take a chance. We take some risk, calculated or not.

I know how scary the idea of opening yourself up and becoming vulnerable to rejection or acceptance can be. While pushing yourself away from people and hiding from the possibility of pain may seem like the most logical thing to do, you’re actually hurting yourself even more and can be more damaging than good.

Teaching yourself to become more vulnerable and taking a chance shows that you are worthy enough to love again and be happy. 

So here is my advice to you: 

  • Allow someone into your heart and your life one baby step at a time. 
  • Accept yourself and your worth of love and happiness.
  • Stop resisting. Put down your walls and feel whatever feelings become present.
  • Trust yourself that you can deal with whatever outcome may present itself.
  • Share your hurt with others – you may find out you aren’t the only one.
  • Realize it’s only damaging yourself by not acting and letting opportunity pass you by.

When all is said and done, give someone a chance to show you they respect you and can earn the right to be trusted to not break your heart as others before them have done.

Are you ready to open yourself up and trust again? Post in the Soul Sister Survivors group and let us support you.

YOU have a 50/50 chance that by opening up, it will result in happiness. And that statistic is infinitely times better than what it would be if you don’t take a chance at all.