When we get into the daily grind of life, it’s easy to get stuck in old habits and ways of thinking. A lot of times, these things don’t serve us and actually can decrease our happiness and well-being.

Once in a while, I like to take stock of my life and see things from a different perspective. When you view things from a different perspective, you may feel more positive. You may also discover new ways of doing things.

There are many ways to change your perspective about things in life. Here are three of my favorite ways.

Take your power back

Stop blaming everyone else for how your life is. Dig deep, look inside and change your perspective from it’s their fault to this is my life, what can I do to learn from this situation and how can I change it?

Change your routine.

Instead of driving the same way everyday take a different route. Instead of taking your evening walk the same o same o .Turn right instead of left. As you take a different route you will see different things. Break up the monotony in your routine. Making these types of changes will bring awareness and help you to change your perspective.


I used to start my mornings by thinking of all the negative things going on in my life and dreading all I had to do for that day, but as I began to practice visualization every day I started noticing a major difference in my increase of motivation and excitement about my day. I close my eyes and picture the way I want my career, weight, relationships, home, and life to be not the way that it is. In that moment it changes my perspective and gives me a drive to accomplish those things.

Change can be difficult, but it can also be very rewarding. I encourage you to take one or two of these steps and test them out. I bet your perspective will start to shift. I bet you will become more open to new things and more open to new ideas.

Please comment below and tell us how it goes. We would love to cheer you on!