I help women who are stuck in life break through and create the joy and freedom they deserve.

I help women who are stuck in life break through and create the joy and freedom they deserve.

I help women who are stuck in life break through and create the joy and freedom they deserve.

You know the feeling…

You wake up in the morning and instantly your worries come crashing in.

Obligations, bills, relationships, all the things you have to manage but actually manage you…

You feel stressed out and exhausted and you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet.

Or maybe you’ve reached the point where you’re letting others make decisions about your life…
because it’s easier than risking failure again.

Because nothing you do ever seems to work out. Other people have it all together, but you are just hanging on, putting out fires as they come.

And the conversation inside your head isn’t helping…

I never follow through on anything I start.

I never follow through on anything I start.

I don’t think my life will ever change.

I don’t think my life will ever change.

“Passion” is for other people, not me.

“Passion” is for other people, not me.

I feel so stuck.

I feel so stuck.

You know something is not working in your life, but you just don’t know how to change it.

The truth is, with some guidance, you can:

Grow outside of the thinking that created your problems

Begin to think in different patterns, find new ways to organize, and create new solutions

Clear the way for committed action

Move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give you the life you really want

Follow through on life-changing actions you’ve been putting off

Start with a Self-Love Session.

The Self-Love Session is a 30-minute call where we get really clear about what’s holding you back from acknowledging the amazing and powerful person you truly are. This is a great opportunity to get an idea of how Lenora can help you make lasting change–from the inside out.

During our session, we will:


Identify the story that has been running your life


Pinpoint one action that you can take today to start your transformation


Map out a procrastination-busting plan to reach a goal that has been eluding you

Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaboration between a qualified coach and an individual or team that supports the achievement of extraordinary results, based on goals set by the individual or team. Through the process of coaching, clients focus on the skills and actions needed to successfully produce their personally relevant results.

How is coaching different from therapy, consulting, or mentoring?

Professional coaching is a distinct service that focuses on goal setting, outcome creation, and personal change management.

Do you have references?

Yes, I have numerous reference available that I would be glad to send you via email.

What makes you stand apart?

Being able to relate on an authentic level stemming from genuine life experiences.

How much are your services?

$99 an hour, but I do have several different packages available that I would be glad to send you via email.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Start by summarizing what you would expect to accomplish in coaching. When someone has a fairly clear idea of the desired outcome, a coaching partnership can be a useful tool for developing a strategy for achieving that outcome with greater ease. Since coaching is a partnership, also ask yourself if you find it valuable to collaborate, to have another viewpoint, and to be asked to consider new perspectives. Also, ask yourself if you are ready to devote the time and the energy to making real changes in your work or life. If the answer to these questions is yes, then coaching may be a beneficial way for you to grow and develop.

Is coaching best done in person, or can it be done over the phone?

The public may be surprised but more than 75 percent of coaching takes place between the coach and client over the telephone. Coaches are trained to listen deeply to what their clients are saying and are able to pick up on areas that may be a challenge for their client. The use of emails may occur when a client wants to let the coach know that what they agreed the client would be held accountable for has, in fact, taken place, or if a client gets stuck and wants the coach’s help in between sessions.

What People Are Saying

“It is a gift to all of us when someone courageously and authentically steps ‘up to the plate’ in their life to be in loving service and express their genius. And when that person models what we all struggle with, as she creates a safe space to inspire, encourage, and above all ‘catalyze’ others to get what they want, we are compelled to listen. Pay attention when Lenora speaks her words of compassion, vulnerability, and courage, as you allow her to take you where you’ve never been before. Get ready for an adventure that will rock your world!”

~Lorelei Robbins

“Lenora speaks… from her open heart and loving spirit. If you’ve ever thought that you’re ‘not good enough,’ just not ‘lucky,’ or feel as if you’re stuck in an ocean of quicksand, Lenora can help you overcome those self-sabotaging thoughts and get ‘unstuck.’ From struggling with a painful past, dealing with family drama, a puzzling life situation, or worse: she can help you put the pieces back together, and show you how you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Lenora Scurry coaching is for anyone who truly longs for a transformational shift in their life.”

~Alice Cunningham

“Lenora is the real deal. She is an authentic, experienced, and loving soul who uses her own life lessons to help you navigate yours. If you are ready to step out of your life dramas and put the past behind you, Lenora is the one who will hold your hand, helping you find ways to survive, and take the first step to build a life of peace and joy. Don’t wait another day. Call her now.”

~Sharron Ragan

“I have found Lenora to be a very effective coach and communicator. She guides you with her life experiences and not just book knowledge. When someone has been where you are, they can understand what you are going through. Lenora has touched many people and has helped them to have a better understanding of what is going on in their life and gives them instructions and guidance on what you will need to do to have a happy and productive life. She will guide you through what is causing you pain so you can overcome your struggles and live each day to the fullest.”

~Sheila Stephens

“If you are struggling with issues in your life and don’t know where to turn, you need to listen when Lenora speaks. This lady can help guide you through the maze and bring you successfully to the other side! She knows first hand of what she speaks and is committed to making a difference!”

~Leigh Barrett

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About Lenora

Lenora is a Writer, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker who uses the wisdom of her own experiences to help women achieve better relationships with self and others at a more conscious level. She believes the practice of self-love and setting healthy boundaries allows women to become more empowered to reach their full potential by living a life of purpose, ON purpose.

Lenora is an Advertising and Marketing professional with twenty-five years of experience. She has earned many certificates for her outstanding sales record and most importantly her dynamic customer service skills.

She volunteers for numerous women’s shelters proving her expertise, including Teen Challenge where she worked closely with the residents and their children to bring hope and light to their circumstances.

As the Owner of Skyline Consulting, an advertising company, she applies her ability to closely connect with people and create success for them with her outstanding media expertise and customer service.

Lenora is currently writing her first book, which will be her life story of how she survived a lifetime of sexual, mental, physical, and emotional abuse, in addition to multiple near-death experiences and is alive today living a life of personal freedom and empowerment.